The Leading Performance Optimization Platform for WFH, Office, and Hybrid Customer Contact Ops

Role-Based Dashboards

Displayed on EVERY DESKTOP from agent to CEO. • Easy to understand, color-coded scoring. • Integrated chat, email, workflow and productivity tools. • Real-time updates of KPI performance, hours and pay. • Ability to identify performance issues within seconds vs. days.

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Agent Coaching

Structured, data-driven coaching and support platform geared specifically for supervisors and team leaders • Coaching Quality Rating System • Real-time updates • Collaborative coaching • Dynamically displayed tips and guidance • Supervisor activity journal • Integrated performance analytics • AND MORE!

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Performance Gamification

Custom-tailored for every business unit • Rapid and sustained boost in employee engagement, retention and performance • 100% aligned with performance and business objectives • No custom development required to deploy • Multiple options to appeal to varying workforce demographics and psychological motivators

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Custom KPIs/Scorecards

Measure the KPI's that are important to your business. • Combined and weighted KPI's produce a "balanced score." • Measure sales, customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency, attendance and more. • Scores updated each day or in real time. • Customizable targets for different locations, projects, teams, and agents. • Drill down to determine root cause.

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Smart Quality Monitor

Flexible agent evaluation software tailored to your needs. • Integrated evaluations, real-time scoring and reporting. • Easy analysis of each transaction component transaction. • Create multiple, customized QA forms for each project.

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Performance Pay & Incentives

Create a powerful performance-based compensation plan, easily. • Improve morale and retention by ensuring compensation is fair. • Identify, celebrate and reward your most valuable employees. • Link performance directly to your payroll system.

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Equip. Align. Engage. Win!

Acuity is easy to deploy, will align, empower and inspire your personnel and deliver clear and compelling ROI – at a cost that is likely a fraction of what you’d expect.

  • All of the data and business logic that your business relies on is stored and accessible from one place.
  • Personalized dashboards and scorecards deliver role-based features, intelligence and alignment at every operational level.
  • Acuity gamification boosts employee engagement, business results and the customer experience.
  • Integrated quality monitoring, quizzing and ESAT modules enable you to instill best practices, maintain quality and ensure compliance.
  • Low-cost, easy to deploy Cloud-hosted or on-premise Software as a service Solution (SaaS).
  • Messaging and chat systems facilitate fluid coaching, support and other interaction to promptly address challenges and capitalize on success.
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