The Leading Performance Optimization Platform for WFH, Office, and Hybrid Customer Contact Ops

Role-Based Dashboards

Displayed on EVERY DESKTOP from agent to CEO. • Easy to understand, color-coded scoring. • Integrated chat, email, workflow and productivity tools. • Real-time updates of KPI performance, hours and pay. • Ability to identify performance issues within seconds vs. days.

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Agent Coaching

Structured, data-driven coaching and support platform geared specifically for supervisors and team leaders • Coaching Quality Rating System • Real-time updates • Collaborative coaching • Dynamically displayed tips and guidance • Supervisor activity journal • Integrated performance analytics • AND MORE!

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Performance Gamification

Custom-tailored for every business unit • Rapid and sustained boost in employee engagement, retention and performance • 100% aligned with performance and business objectives • No custom development required to deploy • Multiple options to appeal to varying workforce demographics and psychological motivators

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Custom KPIs/Scorecards

Measure the KPI's that are important to your business. • Combined and weighted KPI's produce a "balanced score." • Measure sales, customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency, attendance and more. • Scores updated each day or in real time. • Customizable targets for different locations, projects, teams, and agents. • Drill down to determine root cause.

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Smart Quality Monitor

Flexible agent evaluation software tailored to your needs. • Integrated evaluations, real-time scoring and reporting. • Easy analysis of each transaction component transaction. • Create multiple, customized QA forms for each project.

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Performance Pay & Incentives

Create a powerful performance-based compensation plan, easily. • Improve morale and retention by ensuring compensation is fair. • Identify, celebrate and reward your most valuable employees. • Link performance directly to your payroll system.

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Explore the success stories of customer contact leaders who are winning with Acuity!

Equip. Align. Engage. Win!

Acuity is easy to deploy, will align, empower and inspire your personnel and deliver clear and compelling ROI – at a cost that is likely a fraction of what you’d expect.

  • All of the data and business logic that your business relies on is stored and accessible from one place.
  • Personalized dashboards and scorecards deliver role-based features, intelligence and alignment at every operational level.
  • Acuity gamification boosts employee engagement, business results and the customer experience.
  • Integrated quality monitoring, quizzing and ESAT modules enable you to instill best practices, maintain quality and ensure compliance.
  • Low-cost, easy to deploy Cloud-hosted or on-premise Software as a service Solution (SaaS).
  • Messaging and chat systems facilitate fluid coaching, support and other interaction to promptly address challenges and capitalize on success.
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