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Acuity provides solutions that optimize your contact center performance

Every contact center operation has its own unique set of performance management requirements and challenges. That’s why TouchPoint One’s Acuity contact center performance management software is dedicated solely to optimizing contact center performance and productivity. Acuity offers solutions to improve contact center efficiency, optimizing the customer experience, driving customer revenue growth and profit, enhancing customer satisfaction and lowering risk for numerous markets that depend on contact center operations to maximize customer loyalty.

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Utilities View success story →

Maintaining service levels and providing a consistent customer experience throughout the year for both internal and external contact centers is often a challenge. Vectren says that “Acuity helps us operate more efficiently by streamlining the collection, synthesis and access of performance data from the disparate systems that support our call centers. It enables us to provide a more consistent customer experience.”

BPO/Outsourcers View success story →

Managing multiple and diverse client engagements can be an information and management overload. Convergent Resources says that “Acuity ‘operationalizes’ culture, aligning behavior from the frontline specialists and management teams with the overall goals of our client-partners. Acuity provides graphic dashboards that are consistent across all types of business and reporting is real-time so management can easily drill down to uncover issues and opportunities.


Last year, 66% of consumers switched brands due to poor customer service. Acuity provides a deeper understanding of the correlation between employee satisfaction (ESAT) and customer experience metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT) and first call resolution (FCR) driving a better customer interaction.

Agents are provided with visibility to all performance criteria for delivering an exceptional customer experience. This eliminates uncertainty about how agent performance is measured and they always know their areas for improvement. This makes the playing field standardized so agents know they are being treated fairly.

Satellite and Cable Providers

Most companies are focused on improving
1) customer experience
2) customer retention rate and
3) number of new customers.

Yet, those same companies rate
1) average handle time
2) first contact resolution and
3) agent quality scores as their top metrics.

Acuity helps your organization balance operational and customer metrics to improve productivity while at the same time elevate the customer experience. Acuity leverages disparate systems data and applies role-based dashboards, intelligent workflows, analytics and game mechanics to establish organizational alignment and improve employee engagement and talent development at all levels. An aligned, skilled and engaged workforce is able to deliver a better, more consistent customer experience which ensures greater customer loyalty, advocacy and business outcomes for cable and satellite providers.

Accounts Receivable Management View success story →

Keeping agents productive, informed, motivated and goal oriented has always been a major focus and an ongoing challenge for ARM companies. Acuity’s role-based dashboards are displayed on every desktop from agent to CEO with real-time updates of KPI performance, agent hours and pay. Acuity enables you to link pay to performance and motivate and recognize through rewards programs and game mechanics. This improves morale and ensures fair and increased compensation objectively based on a balanced, 360 degree view of performance.


Managing patient engagement is a growing demand facing most healthcare providers. The challenge is how do you ensure a continuous improvement process when you need to deliver bottom-line results with so many KPIs (i.e. CSAT scores, first call resolution, AHT, service levels, compliance, conversion rates)? Acuity enables you to customize targets for different locations, teams and agents. You can drill down to determine root causes when performance issues are discovered. Most importantly, you can effectively manage delivery in real-time with graphic dashboards, rich data and reporting. Everything you need to manage effectively at your desk or on your mobile device.

Retail and eCommerce

It is a well-known fact, that one of the major issues facing retailers and eCommerce companies today, is they have one of the highest customer switching rates of all business segments – a result of inadequate customer experience. And when you consider the high cost of customer acquisition today, you need a solution that can help address this issue effectively.

Acuity enables your customer service operations to better align customer service agent deliverables with the KPIs for providing an exceptional customer experience that retains customers. It provides you with the tools to monitor agent activity, identify remediation opportunities and create a consistent customer experience.

Financial Services

Financial Institutions have been facing an onslaught of multiple Federal agencies compliance oversight and initiatives. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that all communication channels that deal with the public provide a consistent experience that is in compliance with the new regulations. Acuity enables you to customize and closely monitor your customer service and agent KPIs to better deliver a compliant and pleasing customer experience.

Government (Federal, state, local)

Governments (and the contractors that serve them) often face the challenges of effectively handling the various data elements of legacy and newer systems that support their contact center operations. These data require a lot of time to create the reports to effectively manage operations. And they are often not helpful due to their untimeliness. Acuity solves those issues by providing a single, web-based source of information, KPIs, business logic and balanced scorecard that are vital to measuring and assessing agent, team or contact center performance.

Performance has become as critical in the public sector as any other. If optimizing performance management, improving talent development and elevating your competitive standing are top priorities, contact TouchPoint One to explore how Acuity can help.

Travel View success story →

The travel industry has always been focused on providing an excellent customer experience and a best guest experience. Call centers manage by call conversions, quality, satisfaction, hold time, call denials and call volume just to name a few KPIs. Acuity provides a platform to enable contact center managers to review and compare agent and team KPIs in real-time to manage contact strategies and constantly improve the customer experience.

Bluegreen Vacations uses Acuity to prepare and share performance intelligence to create significant call center performance improvements and greater agent satisfaction resulting in more satisfied customers.