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Veyo is reinventing the healthcare patient transportation model.

The non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker is the first and only broker to directly integrate the latest technology with healthcare-trained and credentialed rideshare fleets. Smart logistics, big data, GPS-tracking, and mobile technology allow Veyo to provide vulnerable patients with rapid and cost-effective rides to medical appointments. Veyo’s technology continuously tracks and manages its virtual fleet of drivers in real-time, leading to decreased costs, increased efficiencies, and better outcomes for their patients.  

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Proven Results with Acuity

Performance Improvement Highlights

“Acuity has made life so much easier for the leadership team!  Having a balanced scorecard is a necessity in our environment. And the gamification was just gravy and has been awesome for the culture and efficiencies.”

- Brandi Stadie,
Senior Director of Veyo Contact Center Operations, Phoenix, AZ

The Challenge

Despite Veyo’s advanced analytics capabilities on the driver-side of the business, the customer support framework lacked a level of integration that would maximize the sum of its critical parts.

A core component of Veyo’s operations is its contact centers, where hundreds of agents field calls, provide customer support, and organize rides for patients. Yet the company was relying on inadequate technology to support contact center staff, and performance data was isolated in several disparate systems, making the analysis and sharing of operational intelligence nearly impossible.

Conducting basic performance analytics was a challenge, and managers spent hours every week wrangling data into spreadsheets to track performance, which prevented them from working with their staff.

“It took time away from coaching and developing agents,” says Rosalind Weekley, a Veyo contact center manager. “It was frustrating at the leadership level, and agents were unable to identify where they stood.” The lack of consistent analytics and reporting made it difficult for agents to achieve bonus goals, track progress, or modify their performance for better results.

The Solution

Knowing first-hand how technical innovation and advanced analytics cut costs and improved performance on the transportation side of the business, Veyo wanted to achieve the same efficiencies in its contact centers. After evaluating multiple performance management, gamification, and business intelligence solutions vendors, Veyo chose TouchPoint One’s Acuity platform due to its unique feature set, customization capabilities, and competitive pricing.

The Acuity platform integrates data from siloed databases and conducts real-time analysis to provide instant insights on individual, team, location, and other levels. Performance dashboards, reporting consoles, and balanced scorecards deliver actionable intelligence to contact center stakeholders respective of their role. Moreover, business intelligence, reporting, and analytic options are customizable to meet the specific needs of executive, financial, operations, frontline, and other management leadership.

Beyond reporting and analytics, Acuity offers several additional features that add value and make the platform more engaging and easy-to-use for Veyo agents and managers. The Acuity Monitor enables compliance and quality assurance personnel to audit and track call performance in real-time. Sidekick enables supervisors to develop essential communication and leadership skills and deliver personalized agent coaching. And A-GAME, Acuity’s industry-leading gamification solution, allows reps to compete in fantasy sport style games linked to company KPIs. Acuity’s core feature-set is extensive – each module embedded with performance intelligence, innovative design, game mechanics, and other capabilities to improve engagement and create a valued and differentiated employee experience.

The roll-out

Veyo leaders established several key performance metrics to measure Acuity’s impact:

  • Amplify awareness of performance metrics from frontline workers to senior executives.

  • Increase employee engagement to improve customer experience and enhance the Veyo brand. 

  • Utilize A-GAME to foster team camaraderie and competition.

  • Improve agent attendance, average handle time, and customer satisfaction scores.

In the summer of 2019, TouchPoint One’s team worked closely with Veyo to customize the platform to their contact center environment. The implementation process included integrating data from Veyo’s disparate systems, defining scoring logic for all KPIs, formatting dashboards and scorecards, and selecting gamification environments to inspire agent performance.

Launched in September 2019 to 400 contact center agents serving multiple clients, the company started to see benefits almost immediately.

The results

Contact center managers loved the ability to perform analysis and instantly review results in a single environment. Agents loved real-time visibility into their performance and how it contributes to the team and the company’s overall success. “Improved reporting led to increased efficiency and uniformity,” says Jordan Hughes, contact center manager in Veyo’s Phoenix location.

Hughes also appreciates the detailed insights about agent performance. “It allows us to provide real-time feedback to agents and set goals that they can see and measure every day.”

Because the analytics are automated, managers no longer have to conduct manual data collection and analysis. “Supervisors now spend more time managing performance versus creating reports and agents have more control of their success,” Weekley says.

The gamification features are among the most popular for Veyo employees, who participate in team competitions and individual challenges, which boost performance and make the job more engaging.

These improvements translated into measurable business results:

Hughes is delighted with the results, and he encourages other contact center leaders to consider whether Acuity could benefit their organizations. “Set up a meeting with the Acuity team and run through the product and see how it can be tailored to your needs,” he says.

He’s confident that you won’t be disappointed – and so are we.

About Veyo

Operating in six states with over 28 million completed trips and a 97.1% on-time rate, Veyo is transforming the non-emergency medical transportation industry by delivering dramatically higher levels of reliability, quality, and transparency to customers, partners, and members.

About Touchpoint One

TouchPoint One is the leading provider of performance optimization solutions for contact centers. The Company’s Acuity product is a full-featured employee engagement and performance management platform that enables improved decision making, talent development, and process execution at every operational level. TouchPoint One customer contact solutions deliver the compelling benefits of gamification, balanced scorecards, employee dashboards, and advanced performance management through innovative design and complete, functional alignment with business processes and strategies.

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