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Convergent is an integrated customer care organization providing solutions to help clients bridge relationships with customers through enhanced, unified communication. Convergent customer care delivery enhances brand equity while maximizing the customer experience through multi-channel voice, chat, e-mail and back office services that are continually measured for compliance and quality standards.

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Performance Improvement Highlights

How an under-performing BPO provider became a
top-ranked vendor

One of the largest U.S. BPO providers, with more than 3,000 agents and multiple domestic and offshore locations, ranked poorly out of 20 contact center operations key performance indictors (KPI’s) required by a global communications client.

They were underperforming in most KPI categories:

  • First call resolution
  • Dollars collected
  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Transfer rates and attrition
  • Attendance
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Occupancy and utilization
  • Consistently missing profitability targets

A comprehensive internal SWOT analysis identified the following weaknesses.

  • 1) Too much time spent on spreadsheets to pull data together from separate systems
  • 2) Information overload caused by numerous, stale reports resulting in inefficient collection and distribution with no direct, actionable intelligence to users
  • 3) No way to identify best or worst performing agents on KPI’s within reporting
  • 4) Vulnerable to wrongful termination or related agent disputes due to subjective or inconsistent performance review criteria and/or processes
  • 5) No consistent way for agents to see how they were performing or being compensated
  • 6) No link between achievement of defined performance levels and bonus compensation and/or other incentives and integrate that information with the payroll system

The challenge.

Poor Performance | Risk of Client Loss

"Before Acuity, there was no alignment between us and our customers. We weren't even capable of identifying our best or worst performing agents, let alone effectively support them."

Casey Kostecka | Convergent President


After an extensive evaluation process with internal and external experts, the BPO provider selected a Contact Center Performance Management (CCPM) product – the Acuity performance management product from TouchPoint One.

A comprehensive implementation process was developed and implemented. The team consisted of a quality manager, quality director and team supervisor. A member of HR was also enlisted to support Acuity setup and address agent and supervisor training and support needs. The plan was executed smoothly and met expectations. It included these critical action steps:

  • Client Administrator – Train on all aspects of system;
  • Executives and Managers Dashboard fundamentals and reporting;
  • Project Managers – Dashboard fundamentals, reporting and KPI/Sub- KPI management;
  • Supervisors – Dashboard fundamentals, reporting, user profile setup and team assignments;
  • Agents – Dashboard fundamentals, reporting and QC form review and;
  • QC Team – Dashboard fundamentals, reporting, QC management and

Top Performance and ROI Achieved

The BPO provider subsequently experienced rapid growth, lower agent turnover and exceptional client retention after implementing Acuity. Here were the key results.

TouchPoint One specialists worked to identify, score and weight key performance indicators

Agents reacted positively to having access to their performance measures directly on their desktop. They also received communication on how their pay would be directly linked to performance

Employees perceived this process as fair and as an opportunity to prove themselves

Supervisors were able to quickly identify performance issues and address and correct them within minutes versus weeks or never

Management now compares team and agent level performance in real time, at the office or remotely through hand-held and other smart devices

Within 12 months of implementing Acuity, the BPO provider became the top ranked vendor.

As a result, they were awarded double the business. Their improved performance on specific KPIs included:

Agents Love It

Among the most rewarding aspects of the Acuity implementation has been the value it’s delivered to agents. Acuity enables agents to be connected to their supervisors as well as the rest of the organization at every level. Agents appreciate the consistent and continuous support that Acuity facilitates. They also like knowing that their employer is genuinely interested in their well-being and committed to their success. As a result, agent attrition rates and attendance scores have significantly improved. And wrongful termination incidents have nearly disappeared.

The BPO Provider Loves it Too

The BPO provider now has a deeper understanding of the correlation between employee satisfaction (ESAT) and customer satisfaction (CSAT). While this is the way they have always managed their business, Acuity has enabled this relationship to be more directly measured. As agent attrition rates have dropped and attendance scores have improved, scores for customer satisfaction have steadily risen.

Real Bottom Line Results They Now Depend On

The BPO provider is now enjoying the results from their Acuity enterprise performance management system, brought to them by TouchPoint One.

  • 1) Within 12 months on the Acuity system, they became the top ranked vendor
  • 2) They worked with TouchPoint One specialists to identify, score and weight their key performance indicators
  • 3) They communicated to their staff that performance would be measured and displayed on each employee’s desktop and pay was directly linked with performance, a change agents felt was fair
  • 4) Supervisors quickly identified performance issues, addressed and corrected them within minutes
  • 5) Management compares performance in real time at the site, team and agent levels at the office or remotely through hand-held devices
  • 6) Their top vendor ranking resulted in being awarded double the business


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