Digital Ally for the Frontline Superhero

Achieving lasting success in the contact center hinges on frontline leadership, but they often lack adequate training, tools, and support to lead their teams.

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Sidekick’s got your back — accelerating supervisor performance with an intelligent system for coaching, recognition, review, and performance management.

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Key features & benefits
  • Structured, data-driven coaching and support platform geared specifically for supervisors and team leaders establishes standardized, agile team leader routines.
  • Collaborative coaching, recognition, goal-setting, side-by-side, performance review, and call monitor workflows create strong, constructive bonds between agents and supervisors.
  • Trend reports overlaid with support entries provide dynamic views of supervisor impact on performance per individual KPI or balanced score. See what’s working and what’s not!
  • Coaching Quality Rating System. Sidekick journal entries trigger automatic notifications to agents to acknowledge and rate support interactions delivered by their supervisors – a powerful channel of continuous agent input and real-time insight supervisors can leverage to improve coaching support!
  • Real-time updates of “Touch Count”, “Touch Rank”, “Touch Targets”, and “Touch Quality” ensure supervisor attention is informed, on pace, prioritized and applied where it’s needed most.
  • Supervisor journal logs and classifies all support interactions eliminating recollection and guesswork from the performance management process.
  • Automated notification system for follow-ups, goal targets, gaps, and opportunities keeps supervisors on track, engaged, and on schedule.
  • Tips, guidance, and suggestions dynamically displayed within support workflows prompt and guide supervisors about best practices and techniques for effective coaching.
  • Machine-learning best practice modeling helps supervisors rapidly and intelligently develop work routines and habits consistent with top-performing peers.
  • Rollup reports provide managers with the real-time intelligence to guide and mentor their team leaders and custom-tailor skills development programs.
  • Supervisor Scorecard (SSC). Integrated, turnkey supervisor performance model pre-configured with ESAT, Team Performance, Attrition, and Tool Utilization KPIs eliminates external data dependencies and related management cost for data-driven supervisor performance management.
  • Collaborative Performance Review Framework. Integrated performance review workflow allows organizations to transition from a burdensome, counterproductive annual appraisal process to one in which agents and managers collaborate in a continuous support process.

“Sidekick systemizes the critical agent support routines necessary for supervisors to develop productive relationships with agents and lead their teams to success. The addition of Sidekick to TouchPoint One’s Acuity performance management platform equips our customer care and support organization with an intelligent, structured, and collaborative system that creates value throughout all levels of our business.”

Robert Camacho, Executive Vice President of Operations at Veyo.

Supervisors don’t need more reports and distractions. Just like the greatest super heroes, they want support, insight, and guidance from an intelligent, reliable, and trusted partner — they need a Sidekick.  Contact TouchPoint One to schedule a demo today.

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