Key Features

Acuity’s key features include:

Acuity Laptop and Mobile

Multiple Dashboard Views:

provide role-based reporting and analytics of performance data for any level of the operation.
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Role-Based Dashboards
  • Displayed on EVERY DESKTOP from agent to CEO.
  • Easy to understand, color-coded scoring.
  • Integrated message board and links to other tools.
  • Real-time updates of KPI performance, hours and pay.
  • Ability to identify performance issues within seconds vs. days.

Performance Management Data Warehouse:

central repository and analytic platform geared specifically for contact center systems and operations.
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Custom KPIs/Scorecards
  • Acuity is configurable to report in any time frame including real-time. Real-time reporting is supported in one of two ways.
  • 1) When the KPI is related to activity being collected within Acuity natively (i.e., quality, attrition, tool utilization, engagement, etc.) or,
  • 2) via proprietary or third-party data connectors that enable fluid movement of data from the source systems and Acuity databases.

Performance Gamification:

Custom-tailored for contact centers, Acuity gamification eliminates the risk and boosts employee engagement, business results and the customer experience.
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  • Custom-tailored for contact center operations.
  • Geared for individual and/or team motivation and recognition.
  • Rapid and sustained boost in employee engagement, retention and performance.
  • 100% aligned with performance and business objectives.
  • No custom development required to deploy.
  • Appeal to any workforce demographic and intrinsic or extrinsic motivators.

Business Logic Engine:

enables configuration of custom KPIs, performance metrics, balanced score and business rules.

Unlimited Analytic Modeling:

comprehensive KPI modeling for any role or asset - internal (agent, supervisor, trainer, etc.) or external (outsourcer, staffing provider, etc.).
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Unlimited Analytic Modeling
  • Acuity enables configuration of nearly any type of analytic model or scorecard. From agent to supervisor, program, systems, financial, or employee engagement (beyond mere surveys), Acuity facilitates "multi-dimensional" analytics that provide unique insights into operational effectiveness, the impact of actions across departments or functions, and identification of distinct strength and weakness at any organizational level.

Quality Monitoring System:

integrated agent review and quality monitoring system.
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QA Monitoring & Scoring
  • Flexible agent evaluation software tailored to your needs.
  • Integrated evaluations, scoring and reporting.
  • Easy analysis of each component of a transaction.
  • Create multiple, customized QA forms for each project.
  • Link QA results directly to agent and management pay.

Messaging and Alert Engine:

agent support, coaching and personnel communication system.

Employee and Customer Survey:

survey distribution and data management module.
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Continuous Employee Feedback
  • Create customized surveys for employees.
  • Anonymous or open channels for fluid employee input and perspectives.
  • Track & score results in real time.
  • Link financial results with any/all customer experience metric.
  • Measure employee engagement through surveys and activity.

Employee Evaluation:

ensures consistent, standard employee assessment and review.
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Quizzing & Testing
  • Quickly & easily create quizzes and tests.
  • Incentivize participation and performance via integrated gamification.
  • Send quizzes to agents, teams, projects, and track results in real time.
  • Identify problem areas and increase knowledge & performance.
  • Encourage continuous learning and development.
  • Great tool for new hires, recurrent training & regulatory compliance.

Reporting and Trending:

comparative analytics, statistics, trending and drill-down across all organizational levels.
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Reporting & Analysis
  • Robust, flexible reporting system.
  • Customizable, self-directed reports.
  • Numeric or graphical, date range, trend, and comparison.
  • Provides "actionable data."
  • All reports are printable and can be saved.

Performance-based pay:

achievement based compensation module integrates directly with payroll system.
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  • Link performance to financial targets and results.
  • Identify your most valuable employees based on the "balanced score."
  • Create a "pay for performance" plan, easily.
  • Improve morale by ensuring compensation is fair.
  • Drive performance through recognition and reward.

Attrition Tracker:

measures attrition from team/supervisor to operation-wide and provides analytics across all configured attributes.

Dynamic Relative Ranking:

enables incentive or Pay-for-Performance based on relative ranking rather than fixed-target performance.

Gamified Reward & Incentive - Treasure Hunt:

enables employees to earn points/rewards that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, days off, gym membership - almost anything.
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