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"My team is overwhelmed with existing systems support, budget constraints, data integration and custom report demands."

Maintain complete control of setup, business logic and custom settings without the headaches, risk or expense.

  • Eliminate hours of ad hoc reporting and deliver self-service BI.
  • Versatile business logic engine enables integration of custom KPIs, performance metrics, balanced score and business rules for any level of user.
  • No purchase, set up, maintenance or upgrade of hardware and custom software.
  • SaaS/Cloud solution eliminates capital investment and upgrade fees, lowers start-up and integration costs.
  • According to Gartner, 70 to 80 percent of business intelligence projects fail. Acuity removes the risk.

One Data Store | One Business Logic Platform | One Central Command


Acuity is designed to align and support every stakeholder within the contact center organization. Select your role below to find Acuity solutions to your specific challenges. Is Contact Center Performance Management the right solution for you? Click here for a check list of key issues to consider.