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"Timely performance intelligence and integrated support tools are critical to my team's success."

Acuity analytics, communications and support - available anytime you need it.

  • Easily identify your best or worst performing agents, considering all relevant KPIs.
  • Maximixe you time, skills and effort. Increase your span of control.
  • Provide agents with consistent visibility to the specific criteria upon which their performance (and compensation) is measured.
  • Deliver intelligent and consistent support using Acuity's alerting, agent coaching, quality monitoring, customer survey and communications tools.
  • Communicate a common understanding of the contact center’s mission, goals and KPIs to every agent.

One Data Store | One Business Logic Platform | One Central Command


Acuity is designed to align and support every stakeholder within the contact center organization. Select your role below to find Acuity solutions to your specific challenges. Is Contact Center Performance Management the right solution for you? Click here for a check list of key issues to consider.