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"It’s critical to be able to differentiate our services and operation from the competition."

Validate the narrative with the irrefutable record.

  • With Acuity, you'll realize improved customer support, enhanced market perception and differentiation, improved contact center staff continuity and more predictable service delivery.
  • Provide program performance in near real-time to any level of stakeholder.
  • Measure and track contracted SLAs in a single view.
  • Strengthen bonds with clients and win new engagements through improved contact center operations that meet or exceed their intended business objectives.

One Data Store | One Business Logic Platform | One Central Command


Acuity is designed to align and support every stakeholder within the contact center organization. Select your role below to find Acuity solutions to your specific challenges. Is Contact Center Performance Management the right solution for you? Click here for a check list of key issues to consider.