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"I need a clear understanding of how my performance will be measured and direct support to achieve my best."

Acuity delivers mission clarity and consistency at every level of the organization and support resources that help agents thrive.

  • Provides agents with visibility to all of the performance criteria that are vital to providing excellent customer care.
  • Eliminates uncertainty or ambiguity about the basis upon which agent performance is measured - you'll always know exactly what areas need focus and improvement.
  • Performance criteria and targets apply to everyone in your program - the playing field is always standardized and objective.
  • Messaging features provide a direct link to Alerts, Coaching, Quizzing and other forms of communication to assist and motivate you.
  • With Acuity, your total value to the organization will be fully recognized and you'll know that your employer cares as you do in achieving your best.

One Data Store | One Business Logic Platform | One Central Command


Acuity is designed to align and support every stakeholder within the contact center organization. Select your role below to find Acuity solutions to your specific challenges. Is Contact Center Performance Management the right solution for you? Click here for a check list of key issues to consider.